Post your story here (at the bottom of this page) and share how you played it forward and made someone else’s day!

All comments will be entered in a draw at the end of the Canadian tour for the chance to win an iPad!

Thanks for participating and keep on playing it forward!

79 Stories Have Been Shared

  1. Lundyn Belliveau says:

    Loved seeing you at our school, Drumlin Heights in Nova Scotia! I used the $75.00 Play It Forward award money to purchase board games for our class to play on days when the weather is bad or we have fee time. I loved being able to make everyone in my class happier. I love your message and your music. Keep on keeping on.

  2. Nancy Lalonde on behalf of Erin Shirley, Gr.3 says:

    I am writing on behalf of Erin Shirley, a student in my Gr.3 class at Rothwell-Osnabruck School in Ingleside, Ont. Erin was nominated as one of our school champions at your concert and received the $75 Play it Forward cheque. Before I tell you what Erin used her $75 for, I would like to give you a little background on the cause that inspired her! Nick and Stephanie Grady, both teachers…(Nick currently at R.O. and Stephanie, a past R.O. teacher now staffed at St.Lawrence Int. School). Here is Stephanie’s story…..

    A year ago Stephanie ran a half marathon.

    After some lung trouble during her third pregnancy, Doctors assumed she had bronchitis, pregnancy induced asthma, pneumonia and then a cyst.

    After 18 X-Rays, 4 MRI’s, 4 CAT Scans, 1 PET Scan, 2 Bone Scans, 2 Blood Transfusions, 3 Surgeries (including a full lung removal and partial pericardial replacement at the initial diagnosis of lung cancer) and 3 doses of chemo, it has recently been discovered that Stephanie has a very rare and extremely aggressive form of cancer called NUT Midline Carcinoma. This cancer is a genetic mutation, which plants originating tumours along the midline centres of the body. Since diagnosis, this cancer has metastasized through her hips, pelvis, femur, sternum, arm and clavicle.

    Most often terminal, Stephanie was told that this cancer is “incurable” and given a certain number of months to live. Since chemotherapy does not work on this type of cancer, Doctors stopped it. Instead, she was offered palliative radiation for the pain in her hips and back.

    The good news is there is a new drug called BET Inhibitor that has been shown to shrink, and even stop, tumour growth on human tissue. The first clinical trial began January 2014 in various centres in the United States. Stephanie is now eligible to receive a series of drug trial treatments at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, in collaboration with the NUT Midline Carcinoma Institute at Harvard University. Although the date is still to be determined, Stephanie will be travelling to the USA in the near future to receive multiple doses of hope.

    That said, the travel, tests, and treatments will be catastrophic– and we can’t do it without your help.

    Please join Team Grady, and DIG DEEP to help Stephanie and her family in their battle against NUT Midline Carcinoma.

    We’re NUT Givin’ Up!

    This is how Erin helped…. she $75 to purchase enough pancake mix, syrup, utensils and plates to have a pancake breakfast for her K-12 school. Students paid $4.00 for 2 pancakes and a juice. Staff at R.O. helped by making enough pancakes to fulfill all of the orders. The results were outstanding….Erin’s $75 generated $1041.35 to be donated to Team Grady!

    In the words of my Gr.3’s, ‘if everyone just gives a little bit, we can make a big difference!’

  3. KEN PERRY says:

    Of course I enjoyed your concert – always do. You’re a wonderful young lady.
    I gave one card to the Secretary at Alexander Forbes School here in GP and the other to the owner of a large corporation here in town.

  4. Tanya Lapointe says:

    Hi Tenille,
    I had four gift cards to give to people around me.

    card 1- I gave to one of my co-workers since she is alwa there to support me when I need someone

    card 2- I gave to my mother just because I love her and she is always giving to others.

    card 3- I gave to my chiropractor for helping me feel better.

    card 4- I gave the other to the mail man since he freezes everyday to bring me my Christmas cards from my family.

    Have a great tour

  5. Laurie janzen says:

    Hi Tenille
    Thanks so much for your show at Dalewood Public School in St. Catharines, Ontario. My grade 4 students were so excited to show me their autographs etc. I gave your Tim Hortons card to my daughter to give to her choir teacher. Mrs. Hay spent many breaks and lunchtimes practising with the students. My daughter got to sing in a trio and was thrilled, and it’s people like Mrs. Hay who make school extra enjoyable for kids!

  6. Mimi says:

    Hi, I went to Tim Horton drive true in Casselman, the woman before me paid for my order and gave me the card Play it forward I was amaze by this. I did the same thing the day after. Very good idea.

  7. Courtney says:

    Hi Tenille
    I passed on my Pay it Forward gift card onto a colleague at work. She is a dedicated hard-working person who focuses her day on helping children. She needed a pick me up to cope with family issues. I hope this helps.

  8. Abigail Atienza says:

    Hi Tenille,
    Thank you so much for the concert at our school in Aqsarniit Middle School in Iqaluit,Nunavut. You taught our school a wonderful lesson and I thank you and the “Play it forward” members too! You inspired many of us to always do what we love to do and to stay strong.
    My friend Kelly, gave me the Tim Hortons Card but instead for keeping it to myself I decided to give it to someone else.
    I gave the card to man on the street that was just playing his guitar to earn money, he used his hat to fill it in for money but all I saw was 3 quarters,5 pennies and 1 dime.
    His music was so wonderful that I decided to give the card to him so he would be able to afford some food.
    He thanked me many times and I found out I just made someone’s day just by giving a card.
    Thank you so much Tenille you are my Inspiration!

    Good Luck on the rest of your tour and a very-very-very early “Merry Christmas” to you Tenille!

  9. Abigail Atienza says:

    Hi Tenille,
    Thank you so much for the concert at our school in Aqsarniit Middle School. You taught our school a wonderful lesson and I thank you and the play it forward members too!

  10. Kyle Barlund says:

    My parents are teaching me how to give… and share. I am learning that the smiles on someone’s face is a great reward. My mom and I went through all my clothing and toys to make up a bag to donate to families in need. My mom always helps everyone that she can and is always giving what ever she is able to. I am learning this as well.

  11. Heidi says:

    Hi Tenille. Thank you for the gift cards on Sunday as you left for Iqaluit. I used one to buy coffee for the guy that was behind getting everything organized for your flight and the other I gave to an old high school friend who I happened to run into at the airport. You guys are doing an amazing job on your tour. I wish you were doing a stop at my kids school here in Stittsville. Keep up the great work and enjoy the north.

  12. Cindy Villeneuve says:

    Hi Tenille! Thanks so much for an amazing concert and message you gave at Rothwell Osnabruck School in Ingleside, Ontario. It was very Inspirational!
    I have given my “play it forward” gift card to my daughter, my inspiration. She was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in August 2012. Since that life changing day we got the news, she has been a very strong, amazing 11 year old girl who gets through everyday with a smile even though she struggles with daily needles, blood sugar level highs and lows!
    She is always thinking and ready and willing to help out other people. Right now she is wrapping lifesaver packs and selling them to raise money for the Canaadian Diabetes Association. I am very proud of her!

    Thanks for reading my “pay it forward” story!

    God Bless! Cindy

  13. Liam Loveman says:

    I play it forward by helping fiends in need or when they get hurt. I am always looking out of others. I am only 6 years old. I help my mom around the house by doing the vacuuming and making my bed. Loved the show at my school R.O. in Ingleside. Thanks abunch.

  14. Angela Khan says:

    Hey Tenille,

    It was great to meet you. Thanks for the gift cards to give away. I gave them to my daughter’s preschool teachers, and a very special nursery worker at our church.

    Hope it made their day. Thanks again.

  15. Reaghan says:

    Hi Tenille thank u so much for coming to our school at riverside education centreu where amazing and your so pretty but this is how I paid it forward my sister has an old iPod but in perfect shape and she gave it to me cause she dident want it but I already had one and I remembered my friend Sarah always wanted one so the next day I gathered up a charger and the iPod and gave it to her and I asked for nothing in return that’s how I paid it forward thanks hope u can come again

  16. Laura says:

    Hey Tenille . I play it forward because of Tanner he is guy that give me a friend when i need one. He give me a voice. I know he will always be there when I need a friend.Wish their were more people like him.

    good luck with the last bit of your tour
    P.S. Thank you for all the fun at my school

  17. Gracie says:

    Hi tenille you are my favorite singer and I can tell you right now that I’m your BIGGEST FAN EVER I was so happy when you came to my school ands I payed it forward different ways like today I went up stairs an cleaned my sisters room and left a note saying pay it forward and I went over to babysit my moms friends daughter and I told them not to pay me just to pay it forward and I am the one that gave you the braclet at Riverside Education Center the one where You preformed with Makayla Lynn

  18. Marcus bond says:

    I played it forward to Conner becuse he came up on stage and he backed up and let someone else come up on stage witch was so nice so i took my whole recess to find him. And I hope tha every boudy in the world could be like him

  19. Brad Isenor says:

    I received the “Play it Forward” card doing an air guitar solo. I then played the card forward to my former teacher who was the first teacher to make me feel like i was smart, and he loves cookies so i thought the card would be great for him. If i win the iPad i’m not actually going to keep it. This is because i already have an iPad but i know my sister was jealous that i got one but was not rude about. If i won the iPad i would definitely give it to my amazing sister.
    Good luck on the tour

  20. Angela B says:

    As staff in an elementary & junior high school, I see all kinds of activity all day long in our hallways and classrooms. Our wonderful caretaker is always there with a helping hand and a smile whenever needed. I felt the least I could do to show my appreciation for his hard work and dedication to our students was play it forward with my Tim’s card.

  21. Melissa Richards says:

    Hi Tenille & Gang:
    I am writing on behalf of a student whom I work with her name is Alice. She watched your show today and loved every minute of it. She bought your cd and listened to it immediately after your show. She received a Tims card to pay it forward, she gave her card to her friend that is in a wheelchair and she said she gave it to her because she makes her happy. The little girl who received it gave her a huge hug, smiled at her and said “cool”. This was a very moving experience for both students involved and the Teacher’s Assistants that were there as well. Thank you for your inspiring message and performance today for both the adults and the children that were so blessed to have had this experience 🙂 All the best in the rest of your tour

  22. jessica says:

    i Inspired people in my class to practice kindness and pass it on to others. What goes around comes around – and with kindness it really does. it shows that being kind to others increases our own levels of happiness as well as theirs. Doing kind things for strangers helps build co-operation, trust and a sense of safety in our communities. So if you want to feel good, do good!

    Leadership is based on a spiritual quality; the power to inspire, the power to inspire others to follow. i love to be a leader i like that you can teach other to be kind and respect others.

    thanks Tenille for the great performence and your speachs realy inspired me to do good things and be a leader and to do what i love best.

  23. Amelia Chaney says:

    Hi Tenille, your presentation really inspired me to reach out in my community. I chose to play it forward by taking my class to a retirement home to entertain them for an hour. I am a competitive dancer and am trying to bring some of my dance friends with me, and there are some vocal talent in my class as well. Together we will provide the residence with a fun filled afternoon of entertainment. And thats how I plan on playing it forward. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  24. jessica says:

    I helped my friend she was going through a tough time.

    I truly care about people and enjoy making someone smile. I think that doing a nice thing without expecting anything in return is so awesome! It really gives you a great feeling Doing kind things for strangers helps build co-operation, trust and a sense of safety in our communities. there are .big things you can do for other people.

  25. Jonathan Frederick says:

    I played it forward to my bus driver she deserved it because she put up with me on my bad days when I was really annoying. Thanks tenille before I heard your songs I hated country/pop now I love it it’s all I listen to thanks for coming to. Y school you are the most inspirational person I know once again thank you.

  26. Soni says:

    Dear Tenille,I think you are AWESOME for what you do and I am happy you found your little spark inside you! You inspired me to find my spark too which is to play Guitar! I always tried to be someone whom people would like but i really wasn’t what that was,thanks to you I knew that i should be me! I also think you play guitar very well. I don’t need the ipad so I might just sell it or give it to someone because you taught me to respect others and have good leadership inside you! since you made me find who i really was and I thank you for that (Very very much!) Bye for now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  27. Malvika Jha says:

    Hi Tenille 🙂 When you came to my school I loved how you were positive thinking and how you carry your leadership so responsibly and that inspired me a lot! I gave the Tim Hortons card you gave me to my leader in camp because i think she is just like you with so many good qualitys especially in leadership!


  28. Emma:) says:

    Hi Tenille you really inspired me to do the things I want to do instead of people telling what to do. I played it forward by going to watch my sisters basketball game because most of the time I’m at my basketball games and I never get to see her play a lot.
    That day you came to coldbrook school and did your singing it was the best hour of my life:)
    Your a amazing singer,

  29. Cassieus says:

    Hi its me cassie to play it forward i gavé à donation to tims camp one day i want to ne like you or sing to you

  30. Nakiya says:

    Hi tenille I am going to lien about my dream I’m going to go out in the world and play it ford and I’m going to fallow my dream:)

  31. Johnny Mac says:

    Hi Tenille, This morning I snuck into Drumlin Height school to watch my daughter (Scotia) receive her “Play it Forward” award. I then heard from Scotias grandmother that she met you in the grocery store and totally freaked out, lol. Scotia is very musical and is just aching for the day when she can actually get her wee hands around the neck of an electric guitar so I can teach her how to play Joan Jet songs and I suppose now your songs as well haha. Your show was fantastic and you have inspired my daughter in a massive way and for that I thank you. I will definitely play it forward soon and often on your behalf.
    Keep being awesome.

  32. Lori Market says:

    I played the card you gave me as a teacher at St. John’s school at the end of your concert. She sat with one of our special needs students throughout the concert. I’m sure she would have loved to have sung along with her friends at the concert, but she laughed and inspired a 7 year old little boy so he could enjoy the concert too. He was sitting and leaning all over her and she was so patient with him. For this reason, I played it forward to her!

  33. Melanie Holloway says:

    Hi Tenille my name is Melanie Holloway and i would like to say how much i enjoyed your presentation at my school. I was so honoured to win the $ 75.00’s i havent gotten it in the mail but i am very excited to play it forward in my school.

  34. Erin says:

    Hi Tenille,
    Your concert was really good today first of all.

    Something that I did to play it forward I guess would be take pictures today. A lot of people didn’t have cameras or iPods there so I just took pictures of them with my camera. After school I emailed them to everyone. Now everyone will have memories of today

  35. Suzanne Watson says:

    I played my Tim Horton’s card forward to my son. When I got home today he was pretty down so thought it would be a good pick me up for him! And it was…

  36. julia a says:

    so sorry did not finish my play it forward story I help the play centre and pre school

    thanks tenille for coming


  37. julia a says:

    hey tenille I had to say that you were great at st .denis school I play it forward by helping out my YMCA by volunteering t

    • Rakesh says:

      On October 3, thirty high scoohl students from Mount Si’s Key Club visited the homes of two elderly folks in North Bend. Armed with gloves, garden tools, and determination ..they set out to offer assistance to these homeowners where the labor had simply become too big an obstacle. The students split and stacked firewood, trimmed overgrown bushes and hedges, brought garden beds back to objects of beauty, raked leaves, and filled an enormous trailer with discarded and rotting lumber that was taken to the dump. The best part of this endeavor was the smiles and hugs given by the homeowners to these high scoohl Key Clubbers. That so many showed up at their homes to Pay it Forward was overwhelming and one of the most heart-warming experiences I have seen. Way to go Mount Si Key Club!

  38. Emma Mask says:

    Dear Tenille,
    My name is Emma from Killaloe and I try to play it forward by making mom and dad proud everyday by doing the little things. I try and be the best person I can be. By being my true self and not being what people want me to be. I don’t let all the negative get to me and try and spread the positive to anyone having a bad day. I help in the kindergarten class everyday and I like to visit with the seniors where my Grandma works. They love having kids around.
    Take Care Tenille!
    Hope to see you soon

    • Erin B says:

      Emma that’s so sweet. You are always a little ehelper around the school lots and help out with peacemakers when you can 🙂

  39. Corene O'Marra says:

    First I want to say I was blown away by the enthusiasm and motivational messages my students and I were given today by Tenille’s performance. I am inspired! I used the Tim Horton’s Play It Forward Gift Certificate to one of my Grade One Students by the name of Meliah. Another student in the class felt sad and expressed that he felt “left out'” because he forgot to dress up in Country & Western Gear to support the concert. Meliah took it upon herself to colour a star, cut it out and taped it to the boys shirt. “There now you’re a Sheriff”.
    Corene O’Marra (Grade 1/2 Teacher at Memorial City Elementary School-Hamilton ON)

    • Faith Gendron says:

      Hi Tenille whan I grow up I want to follow my hert and I want to become a singer like you and I think you are beautiful and you sing soooooo pretty you follow your hert and I am only in grade 2 and my age is 7

  40. Natalina Vitarelli says:

    I chose Mrs. Holland because I thought it was cool how she could help people who are disabled and could help kids at the same time and how she was always happy she put a smile on every one have a smile on her face she had time for everyone she treated everyone the same that why I chose Mrs.Holland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Deja Claxton says:

    Hello Tenille. You came to perform for St.Johns & St James school today at assumption highschool in windsor ontario. You were absolutely amazing and so was your crew, you are perfect. But the way I play it forward is by opening doors for people & helping anyone when they need help. I love the idea of helping people. But I just wanna say thankyou for inspiring me to follow my dreams, you truly are an amazing person!♥

  42. Maria Gruninger says:

    Hi Tenille,

    First of all, you are amazing singer. I really love your music.

    Yesterday, my mom and I were at the Hospital. I was just about to pay for the parking, as a women came and said:
    I have a ticket that is good until 3pm.

    That was so cool.
    My mom and I came out of the hospital at 1pm, so we decided to give the ticket to someone else. The person I gave it to was so happy. It was really nice to get helped and then again help someone else.

    Shoot for the Stars, Tenille.

    PS. If anyone read the letter to the editor part of the daily herald tribune and read “A better World” , that was me that wrote that.DS

  43. Samantha Brown says:

    My name is Samantha and I am a student at Oliver junior high. Tenille came to our school and preformed an amazing concert! It was so much fun. I was honored to receive 75$ to play it forward to my school. I begun to think about what I could do with, then I thought about how much Tenille had talked about her passion for music and I thought one of my passions is swimming and I don’t know who I would be if I hadn’t gotten the chance to take swimming lessons. So after talking to my school’s principal we decided to give the 75$ to a local Women’s Shelter so that some of the kids that go to the shelter will get the chance to take swimming lessons. 😀

  44. Josie Brooks says:

    Hi Tenille, thank you so much for the opportunity for being a part of the “Play it Forward Tour” by receiving the award. With the $75.00 I purchased 3 sets of Yamaha headphones for the Heart Of The City Piano Program. I chose the piano program at my school, because it was where I first started off in music. If it weren’t for the program I probably wouldn’t be playing piano. I have continued to play outside of the program by continuing with other lessons. I wanted to give others in my school the opportunity to be in the program. By purchasing headphones for the program, it gives other students the opportunity to play piano even if they are shy or scared to play in front of others. Best of luck with your career as a musician!
    Sincerely, Josie Brooks.

  45. Colby Jesperson says:

    Hi Tenille,

    My name is Colby and I’m in Jody Bialowas’ Grade 6 class at Muriel Martin Elementary. You came to our school in April and I was honoured to receive your leadership award. I recently received the $75 to play it forward within our school. Throughout the school year, my Grade 6 class has been partnered with a Grade 2 class for cross-age activities. I decided to play it forward by inviting the Grade 2 class to come and have a fun afternoon doing activities outside with our Grade 6 class. Afterwards we had ice cream bars from Dairy Queen. I feel this gave the Grade 6 class a chance to say goodbye to our Grade 2 friends before we leave for Junior High at the end of June. Also I hope it will encourage the Grade 2’s to play it forward one day with younger students. Thank you again for coming to our school and performing for our mini We Day celebration. You were awesome and it was great to meet you.

    Colby Jesperson

  46. Mackensie Graham says:

    Tenille i would like to thank u again and ever sence your incredibale consert you made me feel better about doing soccer,karate,piano,sing,taking to my enamy,listen to music,i have 100 more but i dont want to take up your time. evry day before school i think of what you said at the consert and think of how i can help my friends and make our classroom a safer place for me, my friends and my teacher. I am so sorry for the long paragraph i just love to talk!!!

  47. mackensie graham says:

    thank you for coming to our school!!!!
    once school was over and i got home i realized that you inspired me to do what i do best and that is write songs. I am still working on the song, but i just want to thank you to inspire me to do what i love thx!!!!
    <3 🙂

  48. Alicia says:

    Heyyy!! Today, Tenille came to our St.Ann community and ROCKED IT!! We had sooo much fun!! Well, I was one of the threee who got chosen to particapate in the air-guitar contest!! Well, sadly, I didn’t win. But I had fun!! At the end Tenille gave us a BIG welcome, and presented us our cards. They told us, that to `Play it Forward` , we had to give our gift, to a special someone, someone that deserves the card. Well, I gave my card to a fellow classmate; Marcus. Now, he isn’t a normal kid in our class. He has a disability. The majority of the class makes fun of him, bully him, and bother him EVERY DAY. And they don’t realize that he contributes to the class EVERY DAY. He helps clean up the class, he’s in every team/club we have, and none of the classmates realize that he IS special. And that he DOES DESERVE something back for all he does. I LOVE giving back to the community and I LOVE singing!! Giving back is soo important to me. Because I hate seeing the homeless people that DO need the help, but the community doesn’t do a lot for them. I hope you guys have a FABULOUS time on your tour!! Good Luck!1 And Thnk You soo much for the time you spent at our school teaching us how to give back, and how to love one another and that we are very special in out own way. Thank you. 🙂

  49. Autumn villenuve says:

    My teacher gave me a Tim hortons gift card after you came to my school because I raised money to adopt a lemur. I’m raising money for dolphins now. I loved your show!

  50. Molly says:

    Hi again,i just wrote but,i have 1 more thing to say, every day every recess i come in and take care of the little kids in the kindergarden room.Thats all, I’LL KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Molly says:

    Hi Tenille, i just saw you today at st.michael.The way i play it forward is i entered a talent show and the prize is $1000,$100,$500,and more.I want to win the money to help our school with the gym.Also i have a baking club and we raise money to give to sick kids.Also i’m giving most of my b-day money to my mom to get a pedicure.U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Ellen Power says:

    Hi Tenille, I gave my gift card to a co-worker who always goes above and beyond the call of duty to help her co-workers, and she always does it with a smile and a chuckle! 🙂

  53. Lucas Gutta says:

    hey tenille you inspired me to be my self i youste to try to be all cool but you inspired me to be myself i gave my gift card to one of my best friend micheal he curs my bordness witch means whenever im board he allways hangs out with me and curs my boardness thank you so much tenille you really inspired me.

  54. thomas jeffery says:

    I am going to buy my hard working Dad a coffee

  55. harmony lemuiex mcwatch says:

    hi my name is harmony lemuiex mcwatch and i go to st.margret school i got picked to do an awesome air gautare and i was not shy and i gave my teacher my 2.00$ gift card and she was like no no sweetie you dont need to give this to me and i said yes i do you teach us whats good to do with are lives and we lissen and im going to give this card to you and i know its not mutch but thank you for teaching me! thank you for coming to my school and singing to us all=> i love your songs also thank you for inspireing us to help the tim horton childrens foundation! am probably your biggest fan out there! ( I LOVE YOU TENILLE)

  56. Abigail mazzuca says:

    You guys were awesome today you guys knocked my socks off you said play it forward. I always help others I even help my teacher lots you help others lots too you guys rock 🙂

  57. Abigail mazzuca says:

    When you came to st Margaret school today you said to us play it forward I am always am the first one done my work so I ask others if they need help. What’s your story

  58. Meghan Mazzuca says:

    Today I played it forward and took a stand and was a leader I did my dream and wrote a song called Trip I also just gave my sister some jellybeans to show how much I care about her. I love you tenille reply pls

  59. Meghan Mazzuca says:

    Today when you came to my school you said ” play it forward” I took that advice and helped my teacher that I help and I said ” go eat I got it under control”. So she did and me and Sarah helped like we never did before that’s my story what’s yours?

  60. Linda LaRocque says:

    I received my card at the Roblin Elementary School in Roblin, Manitoba at the Play
    it Forward School tour. I think this is a great thing and I played it forward by giving my card to a special lady, who single handed arranged a concert of local talent. The proceeds of this concert were split between the Food Bank and 3 children whose mother had passed away earlier. I think this woman is amazing and she continues to do this type of charitable work.

  61. Skaha Lake teacher says:

    Hi Tenille!
    Thank you for coming to our school. I recieved one of the Tenille Tim Horton’s card to play it forward. At our school we get bread donations every week from our local Cob’s breads. When I went to pick up the delivery the worker there wanted to give our kids some thing special so he gave us enough scones and croissants to feed our kids a special treat for two school days! So the next week when I returned I gave him the play it forward tim’s card to give a small return for what he did for us already! Thanks for coming to our school! We cannot wait to see how our kids play it forward too!

    • Sergej says:

      My wife and I have been very blessed in our lives. We have also lived thgourh very tight times ( I. E., blood donations.) We have always felt the love if others. Many times, we picked up the bill for another at a resturant. Other times we paid for another’s groceries. Another time we put together a baby shower for a lady we never met who left an abusive home. Instead of money, we gave a man in the rain a sleeping bag, a coat, and accessories along with a gift card for a meal at Denny’s. When my wife ad I ran into financial issues, we were blessed by people who remained anonymous with a $500 gift card twice. We always asked why. We had a very hard time accepting. Why us? LovePay it forward It will come back when needed

  62. Logan Kennedy says:

    I bought 2 of the 2 free songs and give one to my friend Jacques and that day I gave some cookies that i bought for myself over a long time period of time

  63. Samantha froude says:

    Today I gave a kid a pencil to use for school.

  64. samantha froude says:

    Also today I held open the door for my 2 friends Kamryn and Megan. I also give a kid in my class named Kyler pencils everyday to borrow for school. Also last Tuesday my badminton partner and I were running late for our game so I got changed in my uniform faster so I went and got her glasses and a racquet for her so we could quickly leave. I love your songs too hope you do well on your tour. Good luck

  65. samantha froude says:

    Today at my school I picked up all the left shoes and clothing and put them into a basket so the janitor wont have to pick it up and I also did it so there clothing wont be laying on the floor that’s dirty.

  66. Hala Ezzeddine says:

    I’ve always loved the message of giving back to the community and to people. Last year, during the christmas season, I donated all my old toys and clothes I wasn’t using to the QEII Hosptail. Seeing the joy on the receptionists face when she found out I was bringing presents was amazing! But I just don’t make donations to the local hospital. I also give out donuts to the Firemen and Police stations during the Christmas season for keeping our community so safe! It makes my day brighter knowing I’ve helped someone! I also recently helped out a friend who was going through a tough time. With everyone I know having trouble paying there bills, or making a living, I did not want to see my Best Friend go through what I am going threw- Debt. She had messaged me saying she was behind on Credit Card payments and had lost her job with no way of paying off her outstanding bill. She reassured me that she did not need help, but i jumped right in and gave her $50.00 out of my savings to help her pay off her Credit Card! It was the best feeling in the world knowing that I helped my best friend, and that they she help someone else in need. I always try to spread the message of Pay It Forward in everything I do, and Tenille has inspired me to do so! 🙂

  67. Linda Curr says:

    Tenille, you are the most vibrant inspiration, and so encouraging for all age groups {a re-boot of sorts for us previous generation:) } Your performance at our school Apr 12th was extremely worthy, much chatter even the following week! Thank you for the Tim Hortons Play It Forward gift card I received. Yesterday I gave it to a friend to enable her to have a coffee with some piece of mind knowing that I care. She has been destitute for some time through lose of her husband, cancer, etc. etc. etc. and many times feeling very alone. I wanted her to at least be able to have a relaxing moment at Timmies while passing by on one of her many trips to doctors. Thank you from her also! Have a blast over the remainder of your tour. I look forward to the next chance of hearing/seeing you and following you as you grow; <3

  68. Jody Bialowas says:

    I organized We Day Muriel Martin school and was blessed to have Tenille join us to share her inspiration. I played the Tim Horton card forward to my daughter’s 12 year old friend and her mom On the 1 year anniversary of her dad’s/ husband’s passing.
    Mr. Morrison received St. Albert’s first Good Neighbor award after he passed away. He was recognized for reaching out to others and paying it forward even when he was battling illness.

  69. Suzette Prince says:

    I received the play it forward gift card from my fiance who won it on the Country radio Station 103 here in Kamloops, B.C. We think play it forward is a great concept. We gave our card to a homeless man and his dog, the man was very grateful and said his dog loved Timmies donuts. The fact that the man thought of his dog immediately was touching.This inspired me to go out and buy some dog biscuits which I will give to homeless people with dogs. perhaps others will remember that homelessness is a reality and animals suffer as well as humans. Thank you 😀

    Enjoy your tour and keep up hte great work….I hope this catches on and people keep playing it forward!!

  70. Nolan Jans says:

    today on the 16th of April 2013. i helped a elder cross the street out of my own free will. sincerely – Nolan Rodney Jans

    • Joel says:

      I got home from work yesterday aofernton and mowed the lawn and blew leaves before the rain came today. After I mowed my lawn, I went next door to my neighbors house and mowed his lawn and blew the leaves off his property. I slipped a pay it forward card under his door mat when I was finished. He came over and thanked me for what I’d done, and also asked me about pay it forward. I often do things for other people, but yesterday it felt a little different because it gave me the opportunity to tell him about paying it forward; also in hopes that it would have a chain reaction and many lives would be effected by such a positive and simple notion of paying it forward .

  71. meghan provost says:

    I gave it to my mom

  72. Payton Manning says:

    Tenille inspired me! I was always trying to be someone people wanted to me to be, I wasn’t being me. Tenille taught me to do that, with the money I got from Tenille I gave it to the art program. I love art and I’m good at it! Thank-you so much Tenille your my hero!

  73. Derek Voros says:

    Hi Tenille you really inspired me to do what I love to do best which is sing I gave my gift card to my teacher you are very very great at what you do yesterday I was very very sick with the flu when I came to school and listened to you sing it was like it all went away I love to sing your songs and listen to them when ever I can thank you for every thing

    Do Well on Your Tour

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