Hard to believe it has already been more than a week since being out on the road. What a fuelling, life-shaping, perspective-offering journey it was….. 41 schools, 13 weeks, and over 10,000 students reached from British Columbia to Ontario….

Thanks to all who were a part of making the vision across Canada with these amazing kids a reality!

-The Team. Thank you Bethanie, Katie, Jason, and Katie for the passion that you have on the road. Thanks for giving your heart everyday to all those students and helping light their sparks. I am proud and grateful to call you road family! Thank you Kathryn, Marcie, Suzanne, Jackie, Steve, Aunty Sue, and my parents for your dedication to making the tour and all of its foundation elements run with true play it forward passion. It is so appreciated.

-The Believers. Thanks to our incredible sponsors for jumping on board and playing it forward to us so we can be out on the road playing it forward to students across Canada! Caron Measurement and Controls, Low Impact, Tim Hortons, Petro Canada, The Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta, The UPS Store (GP), T-Ram, all of the Alberta Boostrs, Hanson Productions and Entertainment, and Affordable Elegance. Thank you to all of my family who have allowed me to spread my wings on this and helped me fly with so much love and support. Mom, thanks for coming to visit on the road. It meant so much having you there! And Pepere, thanks for coming on parts of the tour with us. Such a gift to have you be a part of the play it forward spirit.

-The Welcomers. Thanks to all the friends and family members who hosted us for showers, meals, visits or house concerts. It’s amazing to feel a sense of home on the road- thanks for bringing it to us!

-The teachers. Thank you for the passion you have for your kids. Thanks for being there for them no matter where they come from or what challenges they go through.

-The students. Thanks for inspiring us and giving us purpose behind this project. Thank you for believing in your potential in the world and being inspiring leaders with your actions. Thanks for all the goosebumps and tears you bring us- we are honoured to hear your stories and watch you play it forward.

And thanks to all who followed the adventures on social media! I am so grateful to have you all be a part of it! We can’t wait to connect with everyone again in the fall! Happy Summer! Keep on playing it forward!