Play It Forward Alberta BoostR Campaign!

Hey Everyone!

I’m thrilled to invite you to participate in the Canadian Wide Play It Forward Tour with the new Alberta Boostr Campaign!!

This is an opportunity to play it forward to the business of this tour concept in exchange for some rewards to keep us going all the way across Canada reaching out to these kids!

This campaign is about us living and breathing what we are so passionate about: Playing It Forward. Which is why for every boostr that is received, my band and I, will Play It Forward in some fun, funky, and creative ways – check out the rewards section on the right side of the Boostr page! And because it’s important for us to build a community with you, follow the hashtag #PlayItFwdBoostr on Instagram and Twitter to watch us play your boosts forward!

Thanks for playing it forward to us so we can be out here playing it forward to these students!!

We are grateful for all of your inspiring and incredible support! And thanks to Alberta Boostr Program for the opportunity! ♥ Tenille 🙂

CLICK HERE for more details on supporting Tenille’s Play It Forward Tour!