Hey Everyone!!

Welcome to the Play it Forward Website! Thanks for stopping by and participating! I look so forward to reading your stories on how you are a part of the Play It Forward movement!! Let’s keep spreading that love and kindness around…. it is amazing how the little things that each of us do truly add up. So whether that means starting up a huge benefit concert, or simply offering to help a neighbour with their groceries, it all involves that play it forward spirit. That is what this tour is about. It’s about becoming aware of your passion and making a positive difference for others with what you love.

I can’t wait to be seeing everyone out on the road soon!! I’d like to thank all the students that I have performed for prior to this project. Thank you for inspiring me to come out and bring music with a message to you. You are an incredible audience who is so attentive and enthusiastic. I’m honoured to PLAY for you, and I’m inspired by your potential to PLAY it forward.

Keep it REAL!!! See you soon….
Tenille 🙂